Blog / 8 Nov 2017

#Newsfeed: Twitter character limit doubles for everyone; Instagram Stories now lets you post content from more than 24 hours ago; You’ll have to wait a week to stream Taylor Swift’s album



Plus is Kanye West starting his own streaming service?


Facebook is testing a new preemptive revenge porn defence in Australia that may, at first blush, feel counterproductive: uploading your nude photos or videos directly to Messenger. According to ABC News, Facebook has partnered with the office of the Australian government’s e-Safety Commissioner on the project that states that by uploading the images or videos you fear may be shared in the future, Facebook can digitally “hash” the media to track the media using the same artificial intelligence-based technologies it uses in its photo and face matching algorithms, and then prevent it from being uploaded and shared in the future.

Read more about this crazy yet genius idea here.



Instagram users are cheering today, with the Facebook-owned platform announcing in a blog post that all photos and videos from users’ camera rolls can now be added to Instagram Stories. So no more 24-hour restriction!

Get all of the details here.


Taylor Swift is expected to hold back her forthcoming album Reputation from all streaming services during the first week of sales following its November 10 release. Reports from Bloomberg suggests that the 27-year-old pop star’s team is currently negotiating with streaming services to determine when the album will become available for consumption, but one record label insider told The Music Network it’s a strategy of pure greed and absolute hypocrisy that is a ploy to grab headlines leading into the album release on Friday.”

Read more about this well-known tactic here.


JADEN JAM: New Zealand’s first cat and internet sensation, Paddles, has sadly died.

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