Blog / 28 Mar 2019

#Newsfeed: Promoter partnership between industry legends


Plus the social shutdown that reminded us not to favour platforms.

Major Music Mogul Partnership

20 years after parting ways, Frontier Touring and Chugg Entertainment have announced they are reinstating their partnership, joining forces exclusively as co-promoters. Read more…

Apple Take Another Step Towards Global Domination

This week saw Apple present a number of new ventures expanding on their current offering. You can now look forward to video streaming, a subscription gaming service, a mobile magazine and the Apple credit card.  Read more…

#InstagramDown – Why You Shouldn’t Put All Your Eggs In One Basket

The world of social media ground to a halt when a Facebook bug took down our go to social platforms, teaching us all an important lesson. Never rely on just one form of marketing. Read more… 

Ticket Resellers To The Back Of The Queue

Google have taken steps to tackle ticketing scams by blocking ads from ticket resellers, as well as enforcing over thirty new policies to stop the abusive use of Google advertising. Read more… 

The Fallout Of Fyre Festival 2.0

Dubbed Australia’s very own Fyre Festival, Hot Dub Wine Machine are trying to make it up to punters after they were evacuated from the Hunter Valley event, with make up shows in Sydney and Newcastle.  Read more… 

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