Blog / 21 Mar 2019

#Newsfeed: Put live music first when you hit the ballots


Plus we’re trading in EDM raves to rave about EDMs.

How To Prioritise Live Music In Your Vote This Weekend

When you head out to vote at the state election this weekend, keep front of mind the impact the results will have on the future of live music in New South Wales. Take a look at what each party is promising for our industry so you can make your vote count. Read more…

Don’t Forget About Your Reliable Friend: The EDM

Whilst we put a lot of thought and passion behind Instagram stories, influencers and chatbots, it’s important not to forget the good old fashioned email. Get on top of the latest in email marketing trends to ensure you’re using this channel effectively.  Read more…

Double Tap And Add To Cart

If you’re one to follow brands on Instagram, browsing through their feeds to decide on your next purchase, then we hope you’ve got your budget in order. Because from here on out you can checkout without even leaving the app. Read more… 

Snapchat Is Back In The Game

We’ve all heard the rumours, Snapchat is at long last set to unveil a gaming platform which allows you to play third party games in the app. Could this be a shift of focus away from taking selfies to topping leaderboards? Read more… 

Familiarise Yourself With Facebook’s New Ad Metrics 

Gone are the days of the Ad Relevance Score – Facebook is moving to a new set of metrics that will allow even more detail around the performance of your ads and give you an accurate assessment of their quality before you send them live.  Read more… 

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