Blog / 11 Sep 2017

#Newsfeed: Twitter built an in-app Tweetstorm feature; Instagram looks at extending Stories content beyond 24 hours; The unexpected joy of keeping secrets from social media



Plus why time management is ruining our lives.


After unveiling parts of its new design back in August, the rollout of Facebook’s updated app has officially begun. The app is now really grey, with comments looking more like chat messages than a threaded conversation. Facebook says the update is meant to make News Feed “easier to navigate”, but you be the judge.

Read more about Facebook’s fresh new look here.


Read more about this new feature here.


Instagram is starting to let some users post images to Stories from the last week, as opposed to limiting access to content created within the last 24 hours. It’s a bold move from the platform, which is constantly trying to stay ahead of Snapchat’s functionality.

Read more about this new way to post here.



In a blistering op-ed piece, one major player in the US music industry has pointed out why artists no longer thank radio at the Grammys. CEO of the Recording Academy Neil Portnow has criticised the radio industry, noting that the sector’s failure to implement an industry standard for paying performance royalties to artists has led to a widening chasm between artists and the radio industry – illustrated by the complete lack of artists thanking radio during their Grammy acceptance speeches.

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