Blog / 10 Jan 2019

#Newsfeed: Social marketing podcasts to get you tuned into the trends


Plus the latest on industry standards for your next Facebook advertising campaign.

Tune In & Turn Up Your Social Skills

Podcasts are so hot right now, so what better way to learn the latest social media marketing trends? Perfect for your daily commute, check out these podcasts and enlighten yourself. Read more…

Garner Some Inspiration From Zuckerberg’s New Years Resolutions

2018 was a rough year for the king of social media, lucky he’s got a plan to turn it all around this year with a whole bunch of ‘public discussions’ to be hosted on Facebook and Instagram. Read more…

The Latest On Facebook Advertising Benchmarks

All the hard work done for you, flick through the Facebook ad performance benchmarks for your industry to make the most out of your ad spend. Read more…

The Run Down On Everything Google Brought To The Table At CES

Just in case you weren’t fortunate enough to make it to Vegas for the tech event of the year, here’s everything Google announced. From AI to smart clocks, it’s a lot. Read more…

Apps To Keep You On Track & More Productive Than Ever

The rundown on some super handy apps that are here to help you organise your time, plan that next campaign ahead of schedule, and end the fight against procrastination. Read more…

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