Blog / 11 Apr 2019

#Newsfeed: Spotify ‘Ads’ to their Advertising Insights


Plus we chat about ‘WeChat’ and how to target over a billion consumers through one channel.

Spotify Keeps It Simple For Indie Talent

When Spotify Ad Studio launched in 2017, it created a self serve platform for up and coming artists to promote their music without being signed to a label. In their latest update, new metrics are available to keep it super easy for new talent to gauge the effectiveness of their ads and strategise accordingly. Read more…

Looking For Gen Z? Here’s Where You Can Find Them

This new report shows that teens turn to Instagram above all other social platforms, with 90% of Gen Z taking a scroll through the app at least once a month. It’s the voice they trust, here’s how you can use it to your advantage. Read more…

Time To Set Up Your WeChat Account

With a large portion of your APAC audience based in China, it’s time to think about how you can effectively reach this massive population via social channels. With around a billion monthly users, you can’t afford to neglect this super app. Read more… 

A Bunch Of New Reasons For You To Get Snapping

In it’s inaugural ‘Partner Summit’, Snapchat revealed an expanded offering including an AR studio, updated integration options, a new look to Discover and a games platform that’s going to keep you very busy.  Read more… 

Adobe’s Foray Into Advertising and AI

At the annual Adobe Summit, the software mogul unveiled a range of new tools available to the advertising community, that will allow you to harness AR and AI to innovatively spend your marketing budget.  Read more… 

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