Blog / 4 Apr 2019

#Newsfeed: Streaming is the new Mainstream


Plus how the government is empowering contemporary music and women in one fell swoop

Recorded Music Set To Rely On $treaming

This report tips streaming to be the largest driver in global revenue for recorded music, with streamed music accounting for close to half of revenues worldwide in 2018. Read more…

Facebook Considers Making ‘High Quality News’ A Priority

Zuckerberg is back pedalling hard on his claim that your newsfeed will be friends and family focused, to compete with Apple’s recent announcement of a mobile magazine.  Read more…

Government Cash For Contemporary Music

Our government have announced a solid investment in the contemporary music sector, with funds going towards live music venues, Indigenous music and mentorship programs. Read more… 

A Reminder To Step Back From The Screen (Occasionally) 

In the world of digital marketing we often find ourselves at the mercy of Facebook’s algorithm and an ever changing social landscape. Your audience is in the same boat and as they struggle to keep up with the digital space, it could be time to take a walk. Read more… 

Your New Go To Email Scheduling Platform

Google celebrates Gmail’s 15th birthday with the announcement it will soon offer email scheduling, so you’ll no longer need to rely on a third party service.  Read more… 

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