Blog / 17 Jan 2019

#Newsfeed: The digital music industry’s focus on all things visual


Plus a lesson in shaking things up from a controversial campaign.

How Video Is Transforming The Digital Music Industry

We’ve come a long way from binge watching Rage on a Saturday morning, but between YouTube and Instagram we’ve got video content streaming in from artists. The visual has become almost as important as the audio and it’s redefining the music industry from the ground up. Read more…

You’ll Need To RSVP Via Facebook Story

Facebook are determined that stories are the future for social sharing, even if they have to force you into getting engaged. In their latest push to the feature a new option is being tested, allowing you to share the events you’re interested in straight to your story. Read more…

Marketing Lessons From Gillette’s “We Believe” Campaign

No doubt you’ve seen the ad, read the comments and drawn your own conclusions. Whatever your perspective, Gillette’s new campaign targeting toxic masculinity has gotten people talking and isn’t that what we’re all trying to do here? Read more…

Our Government Just Poured $6 Million Into The Arts

A lineup of your favourite Australian artists are benefiting from the Australian Council for the Arts’ latest investment, supporting artists careers and international endeavours. Take a peek at who got who much and what they’re doing with it. Read more…

The Magic Of The Pillar Page & How To Set Yours Up

Pillar pages are a great way to give a comprehensive rundown of topics your website covers and will help you boost your SEO ranking if created effectively. Take a note of these common pitfalls so you can remaster your website and beat the search engines at their own game. Read more…

Instagram Affirms That Quantity Over Quality Is Always The Way To Go

Back pedalling on their ethos of authenticity and originality, Instagram are introducing a new feature that allows you to post the same content to multiple accounts at the same time. Read more…

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