Blog / 28 Feb 2019

#Newsfeed: Ticketmaster’s ticketing takeover


Plus the festival instigating a cultural correction.

Ticketmaster Expands With A New Acquisition


Ticketing mogul Ticketmaster is bolstering their general admission offering for event organisers by bringing Moshtix on board, whose area of expertise and rich past in the industry has made them an expert at ticketing and promoting events in green field sites and venues. Read more…

The Festival Saying No To “Negative Cultural Trends”

While most festivals look to influencer marketing and brand partnerships to build hype around the event, Burning Man is fighting Instagram culture in an effort to stay true to its roots. Read more…

Updates For Your Fave Social Platform

Facebook is driving traffic to Instagram with the visual platforms offering ever expanding. New additions include IGTV promotions through your feed, and Collections being shared publicly a la Pinterest. Read more… 

A Graphic New Focus For Your Content Calendar

We’re all well aware of the importance of visually inspired content to grab your audience’s attention, but there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to sharing a graphic with impact. Read more… 

A Tasty Case Study For Audio Ads

Baskin-Robbins utilised Spotify ad placements to drive in store traffic up an incredible 12%, far above industry benchmarks, all through an audio campaign. Read more… 

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