Blog / 27 Jun 2018

#Newsfeed: Video killed the Insta-story star, can Twitter stay at the grown-ups table, and Facebook enters the influencer market


Plus UK Music Charts to feature YouTube plays.

Video killed the Insta-story star

IGTV (Instagram TV) launched this week to much hype, as the social platform allowed large accounts to post portrait videos up to 1 hour long. So will brands continue using stories, or switch to the new (but extremely similar) option? Read more…

Twitter fights to stay at the grown-ups table

As the lines between social platforms blur, Twitter is now looking to offer a one-stop-shop, bringing together search, moments, trending, and live video together. Read more…

Facebook enters influencer market

Facebook is inviting brands in the U.S. to engage with a new platform which directly connects influencers with advertisers. Read more…

Potcoin, Kim Jong Un, Trump & Dennis Rodman. Yes, really.

As an alternative crypto-currency for the legal drug trade, the brand stars former NBA player Dennis Rodman in their marketing. This week he showed up to North Korea-USA negotiations wearing a t-shirt promoting the brand. Read more…

UK Music Charts to feature YouTube plays

The world-famous Official Charts will start including streams from Official Song Videos on YouTube in their charts algorithm from next week. With the Official New Zealand Charts indicating a similar intention, could Australia be next? The Music Network spoke to ARIA CEO Dan Rosen for his views on the matter. Read more…


Social Media Image Sizes Guide

Lost in the world of social media image sizes? It’s a jungle out there. Check out our one-stop guide to social specs, and optimise your profile! Read more…

What’s New

We’re all ears – The Music Network has a new Facebook chatbot

Introducing The Music Network’s new Facebook chatbot – made by the team at Jaden Digital. Chart news, breaking stories, job opportunities – the possibilities are endless! Read more…

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