Blog / 14 Mar 2019

#Newsfeed: In 2019 We’re Putting Our Audience First 


Plus how to prioritise gender equality around the clock.

Creating An Ad Experience With Your Audience In Mind

When you put yourself in the average internet user’s shoes and consider what it must be like to be inundated with ads online, it makes sense so many people use ad blockers. Here’s how you can format ads that aren’t intrusive and don’t put people off your brand. Read more…

The Latest From The Insta Think Tank  

As per usual, Instagram is developing a bunch of new features for you to get excited to play with. This time we’re looking at filter options for your followers, and a karaoke style music video tool for your stories.  Read more…

Where Are The Women In Ads?

In the wake of International Women’s Day, take a look at how underrepresented women really are in advertising and what you can do to make gender parity a priority all year round, not just on one day. Read more… 

Campaign Spotlight: Blue Ribbon’s Geo Targeted Audience

Blue Ribbon are set to launch an innovative new campaign based around geo tagged ads that target users based on their location, and calculate the number of calories they’ll burn on the way to pick up a tub of frozen goodness, justifying the treat. Read more… 

Social Media Calls To Action To Get Your Audience Engaged 

An effective call to action can make or break your ad in terms of engagement, here’s how you can encourage your audience to take action on your post. Read more… 

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