Blog / 14 Feb 2019

#Newsfeed: We’re taking a stand in the name of live music


Plus the brand that millennials are placing their faith in above all else.

The Music Industry Is Speaking Up For Live Music

The pressure on New South Wales’ live music industry has reached boiling point, starting with venue closures and now peaking with festival cancellations. Sydney is taking to the streets begging our government not to kill live music. Read more…

The 2019 Grammys Wrap Up

It’s the night of nights in the music industry, take stock of the winners (and the losers) to see who came out on top at the 61st Grammy Awards. Read more…

The Latest In Facebook’s Bid For Ad Transparency 

A new feature is being introduced allowing users to see why you’re targeting them, where you got their information from and who you’re sharing it with.  Read more…

Millennials Trust YouTube More Than They Trust You (Probably)

A new study affirms that YouTube is now the most trusted brand amongst millennials, beating both Apple and Netflix. The platform’s entertainment value and launch of YouTube music pushes them ahead of the pack. Read more…

Who’s On Top In The Digital Ad Market

Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter and Snapchat have monopolised the world of digital advertising to the point of essentially forming their own market, with Google snagging one in five of every ad dollars spent. Read more…

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