Blog / 20 Dec 2018

#Newsfeed: Why getting sentimental over music is going to help your next campaign


Plus the a new interactive sticker to up your Insta story game with.

The Power of Nostalgia In Marketing With Music

Effective marketing strategies have the power to evoke an emotional experience for your audience. Here’s how you can utilise music to get people feeling feelings, and create an authentic connection with your brand. Read more…

Start The Clock, Countdown Is Coming To An Insta Story Near You

Instagram is rolling out a ‘countdown’ sticker that you can add to your story. This handy new addition will alert your followers when your countdown is over, and help maintain awareness about what’s happening in your business. Read more…

The Return Of Ad Placement In Facebook Search

Marketing veterans will remember the good old days when you could place ads within Facebook search results before it was phased out back in 2012. Well the feature is back, creating new opportunities for advertising within the social giant. Read more…

Twitter Brings The Sparkle To Your Feed

After much public outcry, Twitter has created a new button that allows you to switch between a chronological or algorithmically sorted feed. Read more…


Apple Music Jumps Off The Social Bandwagon

While Facebook & Instagram rush to incorporate music into your experience, Apple Music is axing a major component of its social features, Connect. Read more…

What The Recent Parliamentary Committee Means For The Australian Music Industry

The House of Representatives just had a big chat with Australian music and media executives about our industry, here’s how it went down. Read more…

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