Blog / 18 Oct 2018

#Newsfeed: Your audience is getting more social media savvy by the day


Plus a new dimension to your newsfeed.

They’re Onto Us: Social Media Users Don’t Trust Everything They See On Facebook These Days

This latest study shows that people are suspicious of being misinformed on social media, and are concerned about bot activity influencing their newsfeed. Read more…

You Get A Say As Australia Takes On Eurovision Once Again

If you’re not still scratching your head as to why we’re in EUROvision, you now get to vote on who represents the nation at the world famous song contest. Read more…

Facebook Steps Into A Whole New Dimension

Coming to a newsfeed near you, Facebook photos can now be viewed in 3D, no glasses necessary. Read more…

Are You Running In App Ads?

A new study shows that more than three quarters of brands are investing in in app ads, reaching highly engaged audiences and seriously improving campaign ROI. Read more…

Facebook Competes With Slack For Workplace Chat

Usually associated with procrastination and bathroom breaks, Facebook’s Workplace platform could be the future for office communication. Read more…

Ausmusic T-Shirt Day Is back For 2018

Support Act, a charity to support Australian artists in crisis, is giving you a reason to throw on your favourite band tee. Read more…

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