Blog / 28 Apr 2017

#Newsfeed: Facebook working with Live Nation to make tours easier; YouTube searching for the next Justin Bieber with a cover song competition show; A Kardashian was fined for an Instagram post



Plus can country music save Pandora?


Facebook is working with Live Nation to make organising concert tours on the platform easier, according to reports from The Verge. The new feature would allow artists, managers, and tour promoters to organise and manage tour-related Facebook events, and provide consistent messaging from the artist to their fans. “We’ve heard from our partners, and especially our entertainment partners, that posting their events on Facebook drives RSVPs and ticket sales,” Facebook Events product manager Bruna de Goes explained. “They’ve also told us that for recurring events like tours, there hadn’t been an easy tool on Facebook. So, we’re testing a feature allowing Event admins to more easily share multiple Facebook Events together as a series or tour.”

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In a rare Q&A with Backchannel, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has shared his thoughts about President Donald Trump, preventing harassment and the company’s future. “First and foremost, we need to make sure that we’re focused on the people we have and [that] we’re serving them better, Dorsey said when asked how important user growth is to the company. “We’re not here to provide something that people use once a month; we are here to provide something that provides daily utility, people checking multiple times a day to figure out what’s going on.”

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Khloe Kardashian has been slapped with a $US150,000 ($A200,750) lawsuit for posting a snap of herself on Instagram that was allegedly used without permission. UK photo agency Xposure Photos claims one of their copyrighted photos was used without credit, stating that the photo “had been altered to remove the copyright management information (CMI) showing plaintiff as the copyright owner of the image.”

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Ryan Seacrest is set to produce a cover song competition series in collaboration with YouTube and production company EndemolShine. Dubbed “Best.Cover.Ever”, the series will be hosted by Ludacris and will stream exclusively on YouTube, with a roster of famous musicians popping in to serve as mentors for the aspiring artists.

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Snapchat will no longer show that annoying white border around old photos that you share from Memories. However, this doesn’t change how Snapchat handles photos shared from the camera roll – you still get called out for not uploading content in the moment!

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