Blog / 17 Aug 2017

#Newsfeed: Upcoming Facebook redesign to feature circular profile shots and more; Twitter starts organising tweets by topics in Explore tab; Angela Merkel just gave bosses everywhere permission to use the ? emoji



Plus five things you can learn from the best drummer in the world.


Say goodbye to Facebook’s characteristic blue toolbar and hello to circular profile shots — Facebook will be redesigning the news feed over the next few weeks, the company announced. The new design also brings a feature Facebook began testing in the spring — comments that look like chat bubbles. With the update, comments on posts will look more like Messenger chats than Facebook’s usual news feed, with grey speech bubbles around the comments.

Read more about the redesign here.


Twitter is trying to make it easier for users to find content relevant to their interests. The company confirmed in a statement to Buzzfeed today that it’s now sorting tweets by topic in the Explore tab, regardless of whether you’re following these users. The feature rolled out to iOS and Android today, with the topics surface based off what Twitter thinks you like.

Read more about this update here.


Turns out the rumours were true – Instagram has taken a leaf out of Facebook’s book and begun adding comment threads. “Now, when you hit reply underneath any comment, your response will automatically be grouped right underneath it in a thread,” the platform explained. The new design is available as part of Instagram version 24 and above for iOS and Android, and will be available globally in the coming weeks.

Read more about this update here.


Following the criticism of the lack of Australian artists currently listed on the ARIA charts – along with Double J’s Dan Condon argument that even if you think chart pop is ‘shit’, “it might as well be shit Australian pop music” – founder of Project U Nic Kelly has highlighted five Aussies pop acts that deserve your attention. “Pop is real, pop is great, deal with it,” he told the music publication.

See the list of acts for yourself here.



JADEN JAM: Dolly Parton has announced her first children’s album, ‘I Believe in You’.

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