Blog / 27 Feb 2017

#Newsfeed: Twitter makes it harder to swear at famous people; Pandora launches personalised audio advertising; New findings on how each generation uses social media



Plus how Facebook, not hackers, locked some users out of the platform.



A number of Facebook users yesterday reported being randomly locked out of their accounts, but there was no need to worry about hackers – it was Facebook’s fault. “An error in one of our systems designed to help prevent suspicious account access sent a small set of people to our account recovery flow unnecessarily,” a spokesperson told Mashable.

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Twitter is now notifying users of “potentially abusive activity” and putting them in temporary timeout as a result of swearing at high-profile accounts. One Twitter spokesperson told The Verge that a single tweet will not trigger its filters, but a “pattern” of abuse will.

See an example of this lockout here.


Long known for being a source of #inspo, a new study has found that Instagram is now becoming a safe place for people with mental health challenges to express themselves. Researchers from the Drexel University in Philadelphia examined the responses to a sample of 800 Instagram posts pulled from more than 95,000 photos tagged with “#depression”, and found that not only are people using Instagram to make sensitive disclosures, but they are also getting mostly positive support from the people who respond to the posts, and little in the way of negative or aggressive comments.

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Pandora has signed exclusive partnership with that will make it “the first publisher to bring the dynamic capabilities popular in display and video advertising to the audio marketplace”. Two new marketing tools – real-time personalised creative at scale and sequential messaging and targeting – will be introduced to the platform to give advertisers more opportunities to reach Pandora’s 81 million active listeners.

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The latest update of Sprout Social’s quarterly index has some interesting findings on how, when and why each generation uses social media. “The Social Generations: Millennials Ask, Gen X Buys & Baby Boomers Observe” found that not only did 58.9% of Millenials surveyed follow a brand on social media before purchasing a product, but that older generations identified YouTube as their second favourite social platform.

Read the full list of findings for the quarter here.


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