Blog / 25 Oct 2018

#Newsfeed: Instagram welcomes another music streaming giant into the family


Plus a redesign to your favourite messaging platform.

Soundcloud Joins The Instagram Family


This new deal will allow you to share your fave Soundcloud tracks directly to your Instagram story. Read more…

Facebook Is Fighting Fake News, And It’s Kind Of Working

A new study on misinformation indicates that the battle against misleading news on your newsfeed is making some progress. Read more…

Up Your Instagram Game For Holiday Marketing With This Facebook Education Course

Facebook has revised its Instagram marketing courses to hone in on the social commerce boom, just in time for Christmas. Read more…

Messenger Gets A Facelift To Streamline Your Experience

Facebook are set to unveil Messenger 4, in a sleek new redesign of the chat platform. Read more…

Teen Survey Indicates That Instagram Is Leaving Snapchat In The Dust

The results show that Gen Z look to Instagram over any other social platform, and have pretty much forgotten all about Facebook. Read more…

Better Step Up Your Game, Facebook Is Penalising ‘Low Quality Ads’

A new set of restrictions are about to come into play, as Facebook tries to keep poorly produced ads off our newsfeeds. Read more…

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