Blog / 1 Aug 2018

#Newsfeed: Is Facebook ripping you off?, YouTube goes square, and Sony tops $1.9b revenue


Plus 60 seconds at Splendour.

Spending more and being seen less: Facebook Ads

Whilst year-on-year ad spend is up 40% on Facebook, more advertisers using the platform in a limited marketplace has meant a higher CPM – you’re spending more & being seen less. Read more…

Music & Marketing: Best Friends Forever – How Tunes Can Make A Brand

From pop-up restaurants at music festivals to telecom brands giving customers exclusive live event pre-sale access, we’ve gathered our favourite examples of brands using music to make a real connection with their audience. Read more…

YouTube goes square: new video sizes are here

Gone are the days of the dreaded ‘black bars’ beside vertical videos. YouTube on desktop now expands to fit the ratio of the video currently playing, creating a seamless experience. Read more…

Sony has topped $1.9b in revenue for the first half of 2018

Whilst streaming revenue and publishing revenue increased, physical music sales dropped 31.5%. This year the company has also completely acquired Michael Jackson’s EMI publishing stake. Read more…


Infographic: A quick guide to IGTV

It’s been a month since Instagram launched its new IGTV platform – so are you using it correctly? Read more…

What’s New

60 Seconds at Splendour

We sent Account Executive Meg to Splendour for the weekend with the ultimate backstage pass. Here’s everything you missed. Read more…

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