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#Newsfeed: Facebook poaches key YouTube executive as global music strategy boss; Snap Inc. set to file IPO next week; Vevo now boasts almost 100M active U.S. users



Plus why #DeleteUber is trending.



Facebook has made it’s biggest play related to the music industry to date, poaching Tamara Hrivnak to lead its global music strategy worldwide. Hrivnak leaves her post as Director Of Music Partnerships at YouTube and Google Play to – as she described in a note on Facebook, “lead global music strategy and business development” – and that she was looking forward to “deepening Facebook’s relationship with the music industry”.

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Beware of pissing off savvy social media users, because they will band together and work against you. This is the lesson Uber is learning as we speak, as the hashtag #DeleteUber became a trending topic following a statement from CEO Travis Kalanick.

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An analysis by Simply Measured has uncovered why Under Armour’s Instagram account is something we could all take inspiration from as marketers. One of the stand-out practices is the brand’s use of prominent professional athletes in posts to amplify reach and influence customers.

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According to the latest data, 97 million Americans watched at least one music video on Vevo in October last year. In the first ever release of Video Metrix with YouTube mobile viewership by comScore, it is also revealed that 43% of all YouTube viewers in the US watched a Vevo video within the Google platform during the month.

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It’s been a long time coming, but the latest news from Recode is that Snap Inc. – Snapchat’s parent company – plans to publicly file for its initial public offering late next week. What does this mean for users? From our experience with Facebook, we know that the more shareholders the platform has to answer to, the more of a push for money from advertising there is.

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