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#Newsfeed: Vine closure date officially announced; ARIA reveals full list of chart-toppers for 2016; Tinder puts the ‘reality’ back in ‘virtual reality’ and trolls CES 2017



Plus the reason why information from Mark Zuckerberg’s weekly meetings with Facebook staff is rarely leaked.



Mark Zukerberg’s relationship with Facebook staff is no secret – but what remains a secret is what is discussed in his Friday afternoon Q&A sessions. Recode has spoken a number of former employees, who all agreed that fear of being found out is what prevents staff members from leaking the information they’re privy too on a weekly basis.

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Vine users have until January 17 to download their archives from the iOS and Android apps, according to an update to the site’s FAQs section. Since Twitter announced the closure of the six-second video platform in October, it was uncertain of the official date of shutdown. Replacing it is the Vine Camera app, which will allow users to share creations directly on Twitter, where videos that are under 6.5 seconds in length will play in a loop.

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The U.K. children’s commissioner has warned that almost half of eight- to 11-year-olds have agreed impenetrable terms and conditions to give social media platforms control over their data. In a year-long study, the Growing Up Digital taskforce discovered that while Instagram is used by more than half of 12- to 15-year-olds and 48% of eight- to 11-year-olds, the platform’s 5,000-word terms and conditions (running over 17 pages long) wasn’t fully understood by any of the taskforce’s focus group and was read by only half of the eight- to 11-year-olds demographic.

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Adele has topped the ARIA 2016 End Of Year Albums Charts, while Australian artists delivering 15 of the top 100 singles for the year. In the latest stats from the record industry association, Justin Bieber was the only artist to feature in the top 10 of both the singles and albums charts.

Read the full list of charts, including streaming tracks and Australian artist singles, here.


Gelato Messina has made headlines across the globe in their response to one woman’s distressing New Year’s Eve phone call. Posting the audio on their Facebook page, the artisan gelato brand drew the attention of media outlets such as DailyMail and Mashable due to their response.

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JADEN JAM: There is now a smartphone attachment called Kissenger that simulates a kiss using pressure sensors and actuators, while users are video chatting through an iOS application.

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