Blog / 5 Oct 2018

#Newsfeed: Streaming giants are taking over, and Facebook gives us a new perspective on messenger


Plus a chatbot upgrade to give your chat some personality.

Are Streaming Giants The Future For Up & Coming Artists?

Where we used to rely on Triple J to dictate our playlists, music streaming is taking over; how is this going to affect the careers of the bands we haven’t even heard of yet? Read more…

Facebook Explains How Messenger Can Help Your Business

This latest report analyses the benefits of messenger for business, and opens our eyes to its marketing potential. Read more…

New Head of Instagram Announced (You Missed Out)

Instagram has revealed the man taking over the social giant as he jumps ship from Facebook. Read more…

Chatbot’s Get A Personality Upgrade

Facebook have updated messenger chatbots to test a “persona” feature, just to keep things interesting. Read more…

Someone Finally Did Something Clever With AR!

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines have put augmented reality to good use with an app to make your journey a little easier. Read more…

Facebook’s Security Breach Could Be Worse Than We Thought

There’s potential that third party apps linked to your Facebook account could be affected by the recent security breach. Read more…

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